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CADTERNS is a personal patternmaking system that includes:

  • A Cyber School for learning how to style basic slopers into fashionable patterns and

  • The Sloper Lady™ on-line answers to your questions about computer assisted patternmaking.

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A sloper is a basic flat pattern that is drafted to standard measurements and which can be modified to change the style of a garment.

A CADTERNS sloper is a Computer Generated flat pattern that is drafted to Personal Measurements and can be modified to change the Style or Fit of a garment.


The CADTERNS Cyber School for Online Learning (CSOL) has five rooms, each of which has a specific purpose with some free and other paid elements. The purpose of CADTERNS CSOL is to provide a source for learning how to style basic slopers into fashionable garments. Starting with a personal sloper adjusted for you alone, you will have ready-fitted personal patterns that fit just as well as your sloper - every time. Every home sewer can be a recreational stylist, fashion designer and personal patternmaker.
  • Common Room
    • FOR WHOM Anyone interested
    • CONTENTS: List of Free downloadable documents (updated without notice)
    • PRE-REQUISITE: Free registration completed
    • AVAILABILITY: Anytime
    • FEE: $00.00 US
  • Reading Room
    • FOR WHOM Any customer with current support agreement
    • CONTENTS: Bibliography, Reading, Resource List
    • PRE-REQUISITE: Customer serial number or student fee paid
    • AVAILABILITY: Anytime or while enrolled
    • FEE: $00.00 US
  • 100 Novice Room
    • FOR WHOM Beginners
    • CONTENTS: Lessons on Manual Patternmaking Techniques
    • PRE-REQUISITE: Registration and student fee paid
    • AVAILABILITY: As scheduled with instructor
    • FEE: $14.97 US for independent participation only
    • $24.97 US for instructor, grades and certificate
  • 200 Pro Room
    • FOR WHOM Intermediates
    • CONTENTS: Lessons on Digital Patternmaking Techniques
    • PRE-REQUISITE: Registration fee + Novice certificate or equivalent
    • AVAILABILITY: As scheduled with Tutor
    • FEE: $14.97 US for independent participation only
    • $24.97 US for Tutor, grades and certificate
  • 300 Expert Room
    • FOR WHOM Self-directed further study
    • CONTENTS – N.A. Facilitation of concept or problem-solving innovations
    • PRE-REQUISITE: Registration fee + Pro certificate or equivalent
    • AVAILABILITY: As scheduled with Mentor
    • FEE: $14.97 US for independent participation only
    • $24.97 US for mentor, grades and certificate


TheSloperLady (TSL) is a compiled list of tips that has grown from discussions and answers to questions on using personal slopers to make personal patterns.  Perhaps we have met previously?  Since the turn-of-the-century, TheSloperLady has spent summers visiting sewing sites and discussing plain, personal slopers.

As you may recall, slopers are those basic, first generation sewing patterns that manufactures use to style standard patterns for ever-changing fashions in standard sizes.  In this list of tips, the CADTERNS in-house expert –  TheSloperLady –  shares a range of information covering fitted personal every-day apparel, theatre costumes, simple uniforms and special gowns.

Though tips shared here are useful for everyone, TheSloperLady’s main focus is as always, the Recreational Fashion Designer.  If you are one, these pages are dedicated to you – whether you are a teacher, student, recreational home sewer or home-based business entrepreneur.

Sew Smart – Fit-FIRST!
TSL (TheSloperLady)


To join the Recreational Fashion Designers Group, please complete the registration form.  Membership in this RFD Group will enable you to receive occasional Tips & Techniques from TheSloperLady for styling personal sewing patterns from personal slopers, at least once a week. You will also be able to ask your own sloper<=>pattern questions which will be shared with your creative peers, unless you request otherwise.  No purchase is required and you will be able to remove your name from the list at any time.

Common Room Reading Room 100 Lite Room 200 Pro Room

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